Book Review – The Art of Mutual Destruction

Book: The Art of Mutual Destruction Author: Neymat Raboobee Purchase links: Print Version E-book Version So here's another master piece by Neymat Raboobee. I am always in awe of her exemplary writing that doesn't fail in keeping the readers hooked till the end. This book was my companion along the 5 hr journey and here's... Continue Reading →

Book Review: Chains Of Fear (by Neymat Raboobee)

Book: Chains of Fear Author: Neymat Raboobee About the book : Chains of Fear, is a fictional story which revolves around two characters, Ammarah and Muneer. Ammarah is a young lady, who is messed up with her thoughts of what to do with her life. An obvious confusion or dilemma every person in his/her early... Continue Reading →

Letter to Ramadan!

Dear Ramadan, With loads of hope I await your arrival With blessings you come and ease our trials The sick hearts need ailment and hope, Devoid of their Master's remembrance they need your rope To rush back to their Rabb and ease their pain The suffering has been long, I feel the hearts wail The... Continue Reading →

Rabbana Dua – 1

"Rabbana taqabbal minna innaka anta As-Samee' Al-A'leem" [Quran- 2:127] Translation: "Our Lord! Accept (this) from is. Indeed you are the All Hearing, All Knowing." NOTES: A short, simple yet powerful dua. It was recited by Ibrahim(alaihissalam) and his son Ismail(Alaihissalam), after they completed building The Ka'bah. They made dua to Allah, with utmost humility, to... Continue Reading →

The Ramadan Feeling!

Ramadan is approaching soon.! Time's flying. I remember myself starting this blog last Ramadan, and I feel it's just yesterday I did that. Only 17 days left for the most blessed month to begin. May Allah help us all to reach Ramadan in sound health and peaceful minds. Ameen! The internet is flooding with tips,... Continue Reading →

Hidden pearls – Hijab review

I was sent two hijabs by Hidden Pearls, UK , for a review. And here's my opinion about them. 1. Plain Crimp Hijab(pink) This one's my favorite! It is soft, comfortable and looks elegant. Perfect for casual wear and my pal in summers. The material is as mentioned in the description on the site. Usually,... Continue Reading →

Book Review : Simple As That (by Nafla Salahudeen)

Book: Simple As That (Muslimah's practical guide to building strong family ties) Available in two languages: English and tamil. This review is of the English verion. Author: Nafla Salahudeen Purchase Links: (for the Indian readers) About the Author: Nafla Salahudeen, known for her Non Fiction writing is currently a student of BA in... Continue Reading →

Book Review : Unveiled by Rumki Chowdhury

Assalamualaikum pretty people! Hope you all are doing well! I'm here today with another review of a book titled 'Unveiled' by 'Rumki Chowdhury'. When you put on a hijab it signifies that now you're prepared to go against this tiny Dunya for pleasing your Master. You're prepared to face all the challenges, taunts, negative comments  of the... Continue Reading →

November Goals! [Blog Hop]

As-salamu-alaikum pretty people! Hope you all are doing well! Now this post is something different, something I haven’t done on my blog before, but again it is so fun in trying out different things, be it writing a different style of post 😉 So in this post I will be sharing my goals for the... Continue Reading →

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