November Goals! [Blog Hop]

As-salamu-alaikum pretty people! Hope you all are doing well! Now this post is something different, something I haven’t done on my blog before, but again it is so fun in trying out different things, be it writing a different style of post 😉 So in this post I will be sharing my goals for the month of NOVEMBER! All with an aim, to spread positivity and support to all you lovelies! This Post is a part of a blog hop, so at the end of the post don’t forget to check out posts from fellow bloggers for loads of inspiration and motivation! (Hey! don’t scroll down now lovely, read mine as well, lol 😉 )

November is here, and on a serious note, there are so many things to be done. Usually I don’t plan for a whole month. I am a weekly planner or sometimes do it on everyday basis. But this time I have made a month long plan and trust me it felt so relaxing to have fixed ideas on what to do for the rest of the month. This type of planning gives you a direction to move on and helps you to fulfill your to-do’s. And when you aren’t alone in this journey it makes a lot more fun! As I said this post is a part of blog hop, meaning where a couple of bloggers write posts and link to each others posts and what else…. Have fun in reading each other’s posts, and get a lot of motivation, inspiration and new ideas to explore! So it is super fun. Okay (oh! typed the complete spelling of ‘ok’! LOL, sometimes it feels good to do so) getting back to my plans for this month.

I have decided that this month I am going to focus mainly on getting better at my Deen (spiritual side), because in the past few months, leaving October, I have messed up a lot, I felt myself to be lost, doing nothing most of the times and regretting on the messed up stuff. Somehow, Alhamdulillah! Allah got me into the productivity course by “Ayeina” and October was Alhamdulillah a bit better than the previous months. And this time I really want to do much better than before in all aspects of my life, be it my spiritual side, my relationships, academics or any aspect, I just want to do better and make myself proud and FEEL BETTER! And in order to get better in all the aspects the basic thing that needs to be brushed up and polished and renewed and made better… is my relationship with my Creator, my Rabb!

And the best way to strengthen the bond is through Salah. So now finally… The goals I shall be working on are as follows [and yes there are other goals as well apart from deeni goals]:

  • Pray On Time:

Praying on time, without any excuses, without any delay is my goal this month, Last month I got a Prayer Tracker printed, which is a part of the productivity journal created by the team of “Ayeina” and is used to track your prayers, meaning you have to mark a green if you pray on time, a red if you pray late and a black if you missed the prayer. Alhamdulillah, I managed to get both greens and reds but not blacks! I was able to achieve this with Allah’s will and the enormous support I and many other people like me are receiving by the Ayeina sisters to get into habit of leading a productive lifestyle! I highly highly highly recommend you all to get onto this journey with so many people from around the globe. And this month’s goal is to get it ALL GREEN!

The second thing I want to mention in regards to this goal is that praying on time not only sets up your Akhirah, but helps you to have a peaceful time in Dunya, the salah I prayed on time made me feel stress free for a while and enabled me to do my other activities with peace and more importantly I had ample of time, to do the rest of my tasks. Because when you pray late, all your tasks keep circling in your mind plus the thought that the time for the Salah might end, as the time seems to be running so fast, irritate you to rush your prayers and then get onto other work. But when you pray on time, you feel relaxed; you know that you have enough time to pray your salah and then do other tasks. All this made me feel lighter!

  • Pray With Concentration:

The second thing is that I want to get into the habit of praying with concentration. Let’s be real and agree that this is not possible all the times, but most of the times I want to enjoy praying. It should be a relaxing experience. As I said in the previous goal, that praying on time helped me to stay calm and have peace, but sometimes though I prayed on time I was unable to pray with concentration throughout my Salah. This would irritate me a bit. So my second goal is to pray Salah with concentration.

Now when you ask me … how am I going to achieve that, then I would say that the best thing to help you concentrate is to understand what you’re saying, when you don’t know Arabic, read and memorize the translations of the surahs you recite while praying. This will be of great great help! Secondly, before you get onto the prayer mat, I do this most of the times (but ‘most of the times’ should now turn into ‘all times’), recite “Aoozubillahi min Ash’shaytan-nirrajeem”, I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed shaytan, as many times as you want. This is surely gonna be of great help. Okay then jumping to the next goal.

  • Do Dhikr:

Next in my list of goals is to ‘do dhikr’, I have noticed myself neglecting this a lot. I pray Salah, but when it comes to sitting for a few more minutes to remember Allah, that seemed to become difficult for me. So this month, I am going to give myself 5 minutes time after every Salah, to do one type of Dhikr. Not a big deal to give 5 minutes of your busy life in remembrance of your Rabb.

  • Get Away From Distractions:

To get all my goals done, the biggest thing is to fight distractions. Every time I get myself geared up for some thing useful and productive, my phone calls me towards it.  WhatsApp messages, Instagram and facebook notifications, Ya Allah! How easily I get distracted by all these! This has to stop this month. This time I am going to use them only when there is need, like when it is related to my blogging or posting on instagram/facebook. Will have to fix a certain time for this and you know what I will get away from these distractions this month… want to know how? Because I have got my mom into this, she’ll spank me when I use them apart from the time allotted. 😛

  • Prepare For My Exams:

Have my exams this month! Loads to prepare and no holidays in between. Will have to start, right from today. Wish me luck people!!!

  • Stay Active On Instagram and My Blog After My Exams:

And yes, this is what I have been struggling a lot to achieve. Staying consistent in posting blogs and instagram posts is very difficult for me. But got this jotted down in my list this month, so with all will and dil (heart) I have started doing so, Alhamdulillah. However will be caught up by my exams for a few days, but in sha Allah, I will continue it later!


So that’s it people! The main intention of sharing these goals with you all is to get you doing ‘your’ tasks with some motivation and inspiration. There are many other tasks in my list, apart from the ones I’ve specified, but shared those which I thought might be beneficial for my readers as well. One thing at the end: Get your spiritual side on to get your mental ability on! Then things shall work full on and you shall have peace and happiness on! LOL for my stupid rhyming! But, yes once your connection with your Master is sound, then automatically things will get right.

These are the links to other posts, visit them for sure, without a doubt you will be getting inspired and motivated:

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Until next time, Salam 🙂

20 thoughts on “November Goals! [Blog Hop]

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  1. Loved reading your goals mashaAllah inspiring💗Especially the one about having more concentration in salah – it’s a daily effort and self-reminder. On a side note, Ayeina are soo good for resources and tips mashaAllah

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You are so right! I’ve been a headless chicken many times.. lol
      But don’t wanna do that now. Ameen. JazakiAllahu khair for your duas! ❤


  2. I really need to do this. This is such a motivational post. Loved how you listed down things related to prayer. I seriously need to focus on all these areas. Thank you for sharing this!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s my pleasure. And thank you for taking out your time to read.. glad that you found it helpful.! May Allah make it easy for you.


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