Yay!! Got Nominated For an Award!

As-salamu-alaikum (peace be upon you) pretty people! Hope you all are doing well! Ok.... ok... ok.. after reading, re-reading, re-reading and re-reading the post, checking the official site number of times... finally ..yes! yes!yes! I am nominated for a bloggers award, called "Liebster Award". Now I have seen a few fellow bloggers getting nominated for… Continue reading Yay!! Got Nominated For an Award!


Book review : The Blessed Bananas

The Blessed Bananas (Author : Tayyaba Syed , Illustrator :Melani Putri) As-salamu-alaikum pretty people! Hope you all are doing well. It's been quite a while that I have written something. And today, I'm here with a review of a children's book named "The Blessed Bananas" written by "Tayyaba Syed" and illustrated by "Melani Putri". There's… Continue reading Book review : The Blessed Bananas


Leadership in Hadith:

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Prophet (saw) said the following regarding leadership in an islamic jamah…..

  • “Whosoever obeyed the leader , He obeyed me and Whosoever disobeyed the leader, He disobeyed me” (Muslim)
  • I order you of five things:to be with al jamah ,to listen(to the leaders ),to obey( the leader’s order),hijrah(migration),and jihad……(tirmizi)
  • Listening to and obeying (the commands of the leader) is obligatory upon a muslim whether he likes it or not as long as it is not in the disobedience of Allah(SWT) ….When a command is given in the disobedience of Allah (SWT),then there is no listening and no disobedience…….
  • ” Be hold “,Everyone of you is a leader  and you shall be asked about those you lead ..Imam is a leader over people and shall be asked about them , A man is the leader of  the house and shall be asked about his household, a woman is leader over her children…

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Happy Independence Day- 15th August

Happy Independence day!  70 years of Indian Independence. On this beautiful day, I want to express my random thoughts! We celebrate this day for achieving victory over British slavery and gaining freedom! Just a thought crossed my mind, when I read through posters questioning "Are we really free after 70years of Independence? Are our women… Continue reading Happy Independence Day- 15th August


Susan Jones (Author Interview) – Mommy Who Is Allah?

As-salamu-alaikum pretty people! Hope you all are doing well! I'm here with a special post today, the very first time on my blog.. an author interview. ... ta da.. ! And the author is "Susan(Zainab) Jones". This is an interview conducted through email.  The review of her book and her interview are in collaboration with… Continue reading Susan Jones (Author Interview) – Mommy Who Is Allah?


Mommy Who Is Allah? (Book Review)

Mommy Who Is Allah? [Al-Khaliq(The Creator)] Author : Susan Zainab Jones Age Group : 3+ Illustrations : Vicky Amrullah Publisher : Djarabi Kitabs Publishing ISBN-13 : 978-1-947148-92-5 About the author: Zainab Jones is a Muslim American wife and mother. She has taught English as a second language in the Middle East for over 15 years.… Continue reading Mommy Who Is Allah? (Book Review)