Book Review : Unveiled by Rumki Chowdhury

Assalamualaikum pretty people! Hope you all are doing well! I’m here today with another review of a book titled ‘Unveiled’ by ‘Rumki Chowdhury’.

When you put on a hijab it signifies that now you’re prepared to go against this tiny Dunya for pleasing your Master. You’re prepared to face all the challenges, taunts, negative comments  of the world only for pleasing your Creator. The journey of transforming oneself in a completely different way from the rest of the world is not easy, the struggles are sometimes unbearable but doing it only for Allah brings strength to face every struggle in this journey.

The questions people put to you are sometimes so hurting that you don’t know how to answer them, you don’t know how to make them realise that you’re FREE. Free like every other woman, free like the flying bird in the sky, free from shackles of this world’s standards and Unveiled is that answer you want to give to the world. Author Rumki has done an amazing job.. let us know a bit more about her.


Author Rumki was born in Bangladesh and raised in the Bronx, New York and Paterson, New Jersey. She has an MA degree in English literature, and works as an  English Teacher in Stockholm, Sweden. She also works as a magazine journalist for Hayati Magazine. Rumki has written two novels namely, ‘Her feet chime’ and ‘So Complicated’. ‘Unveiled’ is her first published anthology i.e. a collection of poems. You can find more about her here.


Unveiled, as said earlier is a collection of short poems with simple yet effective illustrations shedding light on the most misunderstood topic ‘Hijab’. The book is published by Djarabi Kitab Publishing.

It is divided into four sections, the first three being the poetic sections namely mind, body, soul and the last section is ‘my hijab diary’ where author Rumki shares her journey of transforming from a non-hijabi into a hijabi.

I cannot choose any one section as my favourite, rather all the four sections have won my heart. This book is the voice of all hijabis across the world. The misconceptions like..  a hijabi is not free, she is bounded by the little cloth wrapped around her head, she has no voice of her own and no thoughts of her own, are all shattered into pieces by every line in this book. I am grateful to author Rumki for standing up and being the voice of all hijabis around the world. The last section i.e, ‘My Hijab Diary’ is her journey of changing herself for the sake of Allah. In other words it depicts the journey of every woman who chose to make hijab her identity. Every line in this book is highly relatable and motivational.

I had a beautiful experience reading it and I assure that you shall have it too. So hurry up and jump to djarabikitabpublishers to grab this book.

Until next time .. Salam 🙂


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