Ramadan Gems (day 29)

 Quran and You:- With the overwhelming joy of eid there is accompanied a sense of sadness in every believer, as the month of the Quran comes to an end this year! We will again get back to our old routines with decrease in spirituality. Let us face it, it is not possible for us to... Continue Reading →


Ramadan Gems (day 28: Last Ten Nights)

Another Ramadan is coming to an end.. just a couple of days and the golden offer will end! And it is 29th night today, the last odd night of this month, DO NOT FORGET ABOUT THIS AMIDST ALL THE EID PREPARATIONS! Make loads of dua for the entire ummah, your friends and family and do... Continue Reading →

Ramadan Gems (day 26: Last Ten Nights)

Motivation-6 Assalamualaikum everyone! Today I wish to give you another set of verses in the Quran i.e from Surah Ad-Dukhan where Allah mentions about the night of Qadr, it's importance and as to what happens this night. This should serve as a motivation for you and me to do our best, as it is another... Continue Reading →

Ramadan Gems (day 25)

Motivation-5 : Surah Al-Qadr , verses: 2-5, ref:Tafseer Ibn-Kathir. 2. But what will convey to you what the Night of Decree is? 3. The Night of Decree is better than a thousand months. 4. In it descend the angels and the Spirit, by the leave of their Lord, with every command. 5. Peace it is;... Continue Reading →

Ramadan Gems(day 20: Last Ten Nights)

Last Ten Nights:- Ok. So time passed by sooooo quicklyyy and here we have the MOST PRECIOUS TEN NIGHTS of the month of Ramadan. I'll begin with a hadith .. Narrated `Aisha: Allah's Messenger (ﷺ) used to bepractice I`tikaf in the last ten nights of Ramadan and used to say, "Look for the Night of... Continue Reading →

Ramadan Gems (day 19: Your Parents)

Your Parents:- The most precious assets in your life ... Your parents. You were a baby, unable to talk and express what you felt. Your parents understood even your silence and your cries. They stayed awake throughout the night to take care of you when you were sick. You ran away from eating and they... Continue Reading →

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