Mommy Who Is Allah? (Book Review)

Mommy Who Is Allah? [Al-Khaliq(The Creator)]

Author : Susan Zainab Jones

Age Group : 3+

Illustrations : Vicky Amrullah

Publisher : Djarabi Kitabs Publishing

ISBN-13 : 978-1-947148-92-5

About the author:

Zainab Jones is a Muslim American wife and mother. She has taught English as a second language in the Middle East for over 15 years. Besides teaching, she writes informative essays and poetry. This is her first children’s story.

The Story:

The story is of a little boy named “Abdulrahman ‘Dahumie’ Al-Husain” who was mommy’s darling. A little guy with a big name and curious nature !

Mommy and Dahumie pray Salah together and ‘Dahumie’ notices her mommy counting on her fingers, doing zikr. When he asked mommy, what she was doing? Mommy answered that she was remembering Allah, and then came the obvious question from him  “Mommy Who Is Allah?”

Mommy explains her child the sifah of Allah, Al-Khaliq-The Creator. She doesn’t just explain her child orally but pairs it with actions, describing different creations of Allah, the sun, moon, stars, rain and thus making it a fun filled experience for the little one.


This is a question every parent faces someday. Who Is Allah?

Kids wanna know, who is Allah?

And the answer to this question should not be a bare simple one, but should have an impact on the kid and should lay a firm foundation of tawheed! This book is that one way to get the question answered in the right manner! It is ideal for little kids aged 3+, helping them to learn in a fun way.

The illustrations are attractive and every action, mommy does to describe the creations of Allah and His attribute, Al-Khaliq is beautifully illustrated to hook the little one’s attention.

This book is no doubt ideal for kids but somewhere, it hooked me too! It brought the little one inside me to life and was a sweet experience for me which brought me down to the beginnings.

This book is simple, neatly written and illustrated beautifully. A perfect beginning for the kiddos out there to study the Deen at the basics!

An advice to the Indian readers, it is a rare case in India where Islam is taught in a fun filled way. I would recommend this book to all the Indian mums and ladies who have kids around!

You can purchase your copy from the following links :

And for the Indian readers there, a link from….

And yes this is the first book in the series. More to come from the author Susan Jones, check an interview with her by clicking on this link.

Salam 🙂

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