The Ambassadors of Islam

“Islam is terrorism” “Muslims are terrorists” “Islam is primitive”..


Amidst all this filth, who is gonna stand for Islam, who is gonna show what Islam is, in reality?

People who are unaware of Islam, who don’t know what Islam is, do you think that they will read the stories of the Prophets and understand Qur’an deeply to find out what Islam is all about?

No.. they will get their questions answered through the media and woah, we pretty much know like, what media and haters of Islam portray, Islam as. All they get is hatred and unpleasant things about our religion!

But this has to be fought! How are we gonna do this? How should we stand for our Deen and present it as it is!? Who is gonna do this?! How will people know about the beauty of our Deen?

The answer is….

It is through us, it is through the Ummah of Muhammad(SAW) that people will know what Islam is! It is through the way we display Islam, that people across the globe will get to know that Islam has no relation with any kind of violence or terrorism. It is we who should stand for our Deen!


We should be Muslims not just by NAME but by our character, our personality and our attitude. It is beautiful and appreciable if you look Muslim and have a Muslim name, but what is of utmost importance is your character and your attitude.

For a Muslimah, a hijab should not just be a piece of cloth, but it should be her identity, her character… her attitude. Her hijab should stand for her modesty, strength, loyalty, honesty… it should be an indication to the world that this woman is a Muslimah, a servant of the only God Allah. Not any easy thing to mess with 😉

For a bearded man, his beard should not just be a fashion trend but an indication to the world that this man is not any individual but a Muslim, a servant of the only God Allah!

People should not fear in the company of a Muslim, rather should have trust that there can be no harm with him/her.


He/she is a Muslim! A servant of Allah! That is the standard of a Muslim, not any individual but the chosen ones by Allah. We have the two most powerful supports, the Qur’an and the sunnah. These are the ultimate sources for us to build our lives in a way that will please Allah(SWT), sources.. not from anywhere but from Allah Himself and His messenger(SAW) who was a living Quran. All that is needed from our sides is a little effort and zeal, to gain knowledge from them! That’s it!

When we are knowledgeable, we can fight against all the evil and stand for our Deen! Allah(Azzawajjal) says in His book:

You are the best nation produced [as an example] for mankind. You enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah . If only the People of the Scripture had believed, it would have been better for them. Among them are believers, but most of them are defiantly disobedient.


Allah termed us, the Ummah of Muhammad(SAW) as the best nation and as an example to the world! So should we not put efforts to rise to that standard?

Click on this link to know the tafseer of the ayah.

We have a huge responsibility! Every step we take, every action we perform has an impact, an impact upon the people around us! And as said earlier, people will see and learn! They will judge our Deen based on our actions! We are the ambassadors of our Deen!

May Allah give each one of us hidayah, to better ourselves day by day and put efforts as possible to live the ayah!

A note to you:

My brother or sister in islam, you are an ambassador,…. an ambassador of the most precious brand ever… Islam. The Deen of the only true God, Allah(Azzawajjal). Always remember that your Rabb is watching you and everything you do has an impact around! Be truthful, honest and loyal to your own self and above all to your Creator! May Allah guide you to the all that is good, protect you from all evils and grant all your good duas!

Salam 🙂

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16 thoughts on “The Ambassadors of Islam

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  1. Couln’t agree more with you.
    This concept should be embedded in every Muslim’s mind and heart. As you said, in a world where we are portrayed as terrorists, we should try to better ourselves as slaves of Allah and carriers of His Deen, instead of defending it for Allah doesn’t need us to defend His Deen. He is enough alone.
    Jazakallah khaira ukhti. Keep writing!! ❤

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  2. Very true…our character and personality are important and we should everything we can to show ourselves in a good light.

    But also the sad reality is that these people generally believe whats in the media and don’t open their eyes to learn about the truth of Islam and muslims

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  3. Media is not doing what should be done. Absolutely agree with you on this ❤
    We as Muslims have to do such acts which will help in cleaning the image of Muslims in the world.
    Thank you for sharing this.

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  4. This is my new blog:

    My aim is to call people to return the Quran and leave contrary fabrications made in the name of islam, make them see the beauty of islam instead of the bigotry system that is lived in todays world. This system has errors, this system leads to terror. Whereas Islam is a religion of peace, love, brotherhood, There is the highest level of democracy and love in islam. Muslims should learn their religions better and have the soul of QURAN.


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