Khadijah bint Khuwaylid (RA) – part 2


Mothers of the believers — Khadijah bin Khuwaylid(RA)

As-salamu-alaikum pretty people!! Back with the remaining part of the seerah of Khadijah(RA). Without any a-do, let’s begin..

We ended the last post with the marriage of our beloved prophet(SAW) and Khadijah(RA). Now let us know about their life after marriage.


After marriage, Prophet(SAW) stayed with Khadijah(RA) in her house. Khadijah(RA) and Prophet(SAW) are the best example of a happy married couple. They cared for each other, loved each other and respected each other unconditionally

There was an incident when Halimah Sa’aidah, who nursed the Prophet(SAW) in his infancy, was invited for their wedding and she travelled to Makkah from her village. After the festivities when Halimah Sa’aidah was leaving, Khadijah(RA) gifted her with many household goods, a camel and forty goats as an expression of gratitude to the lady who has taken good care of Muhammad (SAW) in his infancy. This explains clearly the love of Khadijah(RA) towards the Prophet(SAW) and towards everything that was related to him.

Khadijah(RA) was blessed in marriage with the Prophet(SAW), and had 6 children:

First two sons, Qasim and Abdullah(also known as Tahir and Tayyib. Both died in infancy).

Followed by the daughters, Zainab, Ruqayyah, Umm Kulthum and Fatima (Radi Allahu anhum).


Prophet’s(SAW) first revelation began during his marriage with Khadijah(RA).

When the Prophet(SAW) experienced the first revelation, he was shocked and was shaking. He returned home sweating and asked Khadijah(RA) to cover him. He(SAW) told Khadijah(RA) that he feared for his life and narrated the whole incident to her. She consoled him and said that Allah(SWT) would surely protect him from any danger and would never allow anyone to revile him as he was a man of peace and reconciliation.

These soothing words of her , gave the Prophet(SAW) immense strength and confidence.

Note, that it was to Khadijah(RA), that the Prophet(SAW) came to. He trusted her, loved her and knew that no matter what, she will be his support! That’s the bond of a husband and a wife.

Now when the revelation became continuous, Khadijah(RA) was a big support, she financed all the da’wah process. She sold her jewellery, clothes and supported financially.

As time passed by, things in Makkah grew complicated. The people there, were growing violent. Then, there was the time of the boycott (boycott of Abu Talib). Khadijah(RA) had a chance to stay away from all this mess, she had a chance to leave the Prophet(SAW) and stay in her comfort zone, but Khadijah(RA) accepted the life with Prophet(SAW), she accompanied the Prophet(SAW) and faced all kinds of hardships, but never lost hope.

Her noble character and conduct during this trial pleased Allah(SWT) so much that HE(SWT) sent special greetings for her (RA). This incident is quoted in BUKHARI.


Then came the most heart breaking difficulty for the Prophet(SAW), the passing away of Khadijah(RA).

She died at the age of 65, having given almost 25 years to Muhammad(SAW) and to the cause of Islam.

When Muhammad(SAW) saw her in the throes of death he consoled her saying , Allah(SWT) has so ordained it and that the thing she was dreading, would prove favourable for her. Her eyes lit up and as she gazed at her beloved husband, her soul left her earthly body peacefully.

Her grave was prepared at a place called Hujoon near Makkah and Muhammad(SAW) himself stepped into the grave to see that everything was as it should  be and with his hands he lowered her gently into it.

Thus passed away the Mother of all Muslims. May Allah be well pleased with her.

Muhammad(SAW) was deeply saddened on losing her beloved wife. He loved her very much and his love for her showed in his actions after her death. Whenever, a goat was slaughtered , Prophet(SAW) would send some meat to Khadijah’s(RA) friends as she had a special place in his heart!

This was  the seerah of our mother Khadijah(RA), a great role model for every Muslim. May Allah give us hidayah to learn from our mother and put it into practice!

Salam 🙂



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  1. She is an inspiring woman in Islamic history. We women should look up to her for her courage, love and support to her husband, our Prophet (pbuh). I had a plan to write a seera on her during Ramadan but then I could not do it. InshaAllah, I would love to write a post on the first woman who accepted Islam. She is someone who we should admire and follow, as a wife, mother and a human being. Jazakallah for these highlights on her.

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  2. She is my role model 100%. I love the perfect balanace she was able to maintain as a wife, mother, believer and businesswoman. May ALLAH cause us to follow her excellent example ameen.

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  3. It is always great to read and be reminded of the story of such an honorable woman. She fulfilled every role with excellence. May Allah guide us towards the right path following the footsteps of the greatest women of all time! May Allah reward you sis for the beneficial content you’re putting forward for all your readers. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ameen!
      JazakiAllahu khair sis for your appreciation! May Allah bless you too for your beautiful work! I seriously get inspired through all your writings!

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  4. Hazrat Khadijah (RA) and Hazrat Ayesha (RA) are two women that I am in total awe of. I dont know why people look for relationship goals in other people when we have the strongest and headstrong women in Islam. Truly inspirational.

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  5. She’s so inspiring and a perfect role model for us! And from a revert’s perspective – a prefect example to prove the great role of women in Islamic history to everyone who thinks we’re all oppressed!

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  6. MashAllah! This is a great effort. Just an advice, whenever you share something about the prophets’ lives do also mention the sources so the reader knows where is all the information coming from.

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    1. This was a lecture from Omar Suleiman from mothers of the believers series on and a book of collection of fatawa and seerah of mothers of the believers which my lecturer gave me and it is authentic!
      I thought of mentioning the reference but as it was from two different sources I just didn’t mention them, but anyways I’ll keep this in mind the next time! Thank you! 🙂

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