Khadijah bint Khuwaylid (RA)

Mothers of the believers — KHADIJAH BINT KHUWAYLID (RA)

As-salamu-alaikum pretty people !! Hope you all are doing well!

Today I’m here with a post about, the first of the Mothers of the believers – Khadijah (RA). Knowing about our mothers will serve as a means to increase our iman, better ourselves as Muslims and will help us to increase our love towards the Messenger (SAW).

In this post we shall know about:

-the lineage of Khadijah(RA) and how the Prophet(SAW) and Khadijah (RA) were related to each other.

-her marriages before the Prophet(SAW).

-how she(RA) met Prophet(SAW), and about her business.

-her(RA) marriage with Prophet(SAW) and their children.

-her role as a wife.

-her leaving this world.

So in sha Allah, we shall all make a pure intention to learn from our mother and put it into practice in our lives!

Let’s dive into it….


  • Khadijah(RA) was born in the year 555 CE, i.e 15 years before the Prophet(SAW), her mother’s name was Fatimah bint Zaa’ida, and her father was Khuwaylid bin Asad.

Her lineage goes this way..

Khadijah bint Khuwaylid bin Asad bin Abdul Uzza bin Qussay bin kilab bin Murrah 

And the lineage of he Prophet(SAW) is..

Muhammad bin Abdullah bin Abdul Mutallib bin Hashim bin Abd Manaf bin Qussay bin Kilab bin Murrah. So this way the Prophet(SAW) and Khadijah(RA) are related to each other, notice the underlined part.

Khadijah’s(RA) father, Khuwaylid bin Asad was the chief of the tribe Banu Asad and was an influential personality in Makkah, he along with Abdul Mutallib guarded the Ka’bah and shared almost same status. He died fighting in the famous battle of Fujjar. From this it is understood that Khadijah(RA) belonged to a rich family!

A bit about her(RA) personality.. Khadijah(RA) was extremely beautiful, eloquent in her speech, intelligent, modest and sincere lady! She was nicknamed as At-Tahira meaning purified because of her modesty and honesty. She was both modest and bold in her attitude. And more astonishingly she did not worship idols.


Khadijah(RA), married Abu Halah Malak bin Nabash bin Zarrarah bin At-Tamimi. She bore him two children named, Halah and Hind. He passes away.

After Abu Halah’s death, as a young widow, she married Atique bin Aith bin Abdullah Al-Makhzomi and had a daughter by him named Hindah. This marriage broke out of incompatibility. (Other resources inform that Atique bin Aith died after 3 years of marriage, Allahu A’lam).

And RasulAllah(SAW) was Khadijah’s(RA) last marriage.

Imagine, a young lady, at the age of 25, who had two tragedies with her marriage, how should her mental situation be! Allahu Akbar! She was hurt by all this and decided to stay unmarried, and she stayed so for about 15 years. She decided to be independent and became a business woman.(That’s all Allah’s plan)


Khadijah(RA) had a caravan which was bigger than the entire Quraysh, she(RA) inherited from her two wealthy husbands and was running a successful business.

She used to send two caravans, one to Shaam(summer caravan) and the other to Yemen(winter caravan). She never went by herself to any place for trade, but hired traders and sent them with the caravans. But she always found all the hired traders to be cheats, some would take the money and would never return. She was in search of someone honest and loyal. She then, heard about the Prophet(SAW), as a man of honesty, loyalty and integrity, so she sent a job offer for him(SAW). Prophet(SAW) accepted the offer happily and started working for her(RA). Khadijah(RA) told him, that if he worked with honesty then he will be given double the payment and with this, the Prophet(SAW) started working for her.

Now here’s another awesome part of their life, I just love it, keep reading!

So, the Prophet(SAW) set out with the caravans for trade, towards Shaam and Maisarah, Khadijah’s(RA) servant accompanied the Prophet(SAW).

Maisarah was blown away by RasulAllah’s(SAW) attitude. He was amazed by his(SAW) kind behaviour and generous attitude. Now there were two incidents that took place throughout their journey which left Maisarah astonished and in awe.

#1. Maisarah saw two angels bearing a cloud over Prophet’s(SAW) head to protect him from the heat and glare of the Sun.

#2. For some time, the Prophet(SAW) rested under a tree, and a Jewish monk named Nestora, noted for his knowledge of religion and for his insight saw the Prophet(SAW) resting under the tree and told Maisarah “This man would be elevated to Prophethood in future, as no man had ever rested under that particular tree but Prophet’s.”

Maisarah was amazed by all this. He then found another fact about the Prophet(SAW) that he did not swear by idols while trading, which was a common practice then. He found yet another person who didn’t worship idols. (Remember! Khadijah(RA) too did not worship idols)

Prophet(SAW) completed his trade in Shaam and he(SAW), then purchased items from Shaam and sold in Makkah, thereby earning double. He then returned to Khadijah(RA) with double the profit. This was in return for Khadijah’s(RA) promise of paying double payment if he worked with honesty! ( So awesome, isn’t it!!??)


Maisarah after returning home, informs Khadijah(RA), of all that had taken place on the trip. She was deeply moved and impressed. After a long loneliness of 15 years , something struck Khadijah(RA) and she felt some inclination towards the Messenger of Allah (SAW), she was inclined towards marrying him.

Her close friend, Nafeesa bint Manbah, understood her friend’s feelings and encouraged her to get married to the Prophet(SAW). Before this she had got several proposals for marriage from men belonging to the noblest families of Quraysh, but she rejected all of them.

As Khadijah(RA), pondered over these questions, one night she dreamt that the shining  Sun had descended from the heavens into her courtyard, radiating her home.

On waking up, she went for the interpretation of this dream to her cousin, Waraqa bin Nawfal, a blind man noted for his skill in interpreting dreams and for depth of knowledge the Torah and Injeel.

When he heard the dream, he gave a serene smile an  told her that this was a very promising dream. He said: ” The glorious Sun she saw descending into her courtyard indicated that the Prophet(SAW) whose advent had been predicted in the Torah and Injeel, was to grace her home and she(RA), would gain from his presence in her life.”

After all this, her cousin Nafeesa, offered to go herself to the Prophet(SAW) and asked him, if he would  be willing to marry a beautiful lady from a noble and wealthy family, who was inclined towards marrying him.

Prophet(SAW), accepted the proposal. He(SAW) was then 25 years old and Khadijah(RA) was 40 years old. The two uncles of the Prophet(SAW), Hamza(RA) and Abu Talib, approached her uncle Umar bin Asad, with the former proposal. It was accepted and the date was fixed.

So this was the glorious beginning of a beautiful marriage that lasted for 24 blessed years. Subhan Allah!

So, I thought that I will cover the remaining part of this beautiful story, in the next blog post in Sha Allah. Until then Salam 🙂




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  1. Really beautiful JazakAllah Khayr for sharing. Khadijah (may Allah be pleased with her) is my one of my ultimate role models in every way. I think of her often, may Allah be pleased with her. BarakAllah feeki!

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  2. Ma sha Allah sis super beneficial article. It is essential for us to know the lives of the most prominent women of all time. May Allah make us of those who can extract its lessons and practice them in our lives!

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  3. ALHAMDULILLAH you have covered almost all main events before her marriage with Prophet saws. Khadijah RadiALLAHU anhu is my role model and i admire her for her
    beautiful relationship with our Prophet saws and His love for her.

    Liked by 1 person

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