Anger – The Enemy

On the authority of Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him):
A man said to the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), “Counsel me,” so he (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “Do not become angry.” The man repeated [his request for counsel] several times, and [each time] he (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “Do not become angry.” [Al-Bukhari]

: 40 Hadith Nawawi 16
English translation
: Hadith 16

As-salamu-alaikum everyone! Hope you all are doing well!!!! It’d been long time I wrote this! Anyways… so..

Did you read the hadith above?? .. No? Oh come on give it a read! …


Yup.. I’m waiting, read the hadith please!


Done with the reading! Good. So that’s what I wanna share with you today. Anger!

Anger= our worst enemy. RasulAllah (SAW) advised the man who came to him seeking some counsel, by saying “Do not be angry” and when the man repeated the same question again and again, he(SAW) replied with the same statement! ” Do not be angry” That’s because it is with this one attitude under control, lives can change.

Anger is like fire, that burns things around you and leaves scars that stay forever! We lose control on ourselves, speak without thinking and break precious hearts into pieces. We don’t realize how few words said in anger can hurt someone to an extent that those words leave permanent scars on their hearts and later on even if you try healing them, it will take a long time or sometimes they won’t even heal! You might forget what words came out of your mouth in anger, but the one who heard them would never forget. How many times it has happened that you had hurt you mum, your dad, your siblings, friends and other loved ones, in anger without even realizing your blunder!  How many times it has happened, when you spoke the worst in anger and that regret stayed in your heart forever. Each one of us, for sure, have had such moments in our lives where we were defeated by our worst enemy (anger).

This inconsiderate attitude, can’t it be controlled.?

Obviously it can be controlled. When we have the power, the strength to burst out in anger and break people’s hearts and sometimes things too! Then we no doubt have the power to control it. You cannot achieve it within a day, but it takes time and effort to do so. It is normal to get angry but letting it to overtake yourself is foolishness, as everything within limits is peaceful and that which exceeds limits is dangerous. Allah(Azzawajjal) says in His book..

Those who spend in Allah’s cause, in happiness and in grief, and who control their anger and are forgiving towards mankind; and the righteous are the beloved of Allah. (3:134)

Allah loves those who control their anger,  in the above verse Allah didn’t say : those who do not get angry, but He said those who control their anger, and this clearly explains, that ‘anyone’ can get angry but ‘Allah’s beloved’ is the one who suppresses his anger. And don’t you wanna become beloved to Allah? (Raise hands) I wanna be Allah’s beloved and to achieve that status I’m ready to put every effort possible. Are you with me??(say yes). Okay then…

Anger is another form of shaytaan. It is a kind of disease that needs to be treated. And there is no better way to treat this disease, than the Qur’an and Sunnah. So wanna know what it is click this link to get the remedy for anger!

Ramadan Gems (day 9: Limit That Temper-2)

So that’s it for today! Hope I was able to get my points across.. any ideas, views or suggestion  of any kind.. most welcome n the comment section below! May Allah help each one of us to control anger and maintain peace! Ameen!

Salam 🙂




13 thoughts on “Anger – The Enemy

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  1. This is so true! Anger is really our worst enemy and one of the most useful weapons of shaytan. Jazakallah khairan for the reminder. May Allah make us of those who have the capability to not let their anger overcome their actions.

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  2. It seems like being a bold woman I need such reminders often. While i do not associate anger with being bold, it is hard to stay quiet when you know wrong is being done to you or right in front of you. But many times wisdom is in being patient and conveying the message at a different time and calmly – as I speak of it I am amazed for how many years I have known this fact but it has been so hard to fully implement it at all times, especially with and about in laws. Life is struggle, Jannah ain’t a piece of cake!

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