Ramadan Gems (day 28: Last Ten Nights)

Another Ramadan is coming to an end.. just a couple of days and the golden offer will end! And it is 29th night today, the last odd night of this month, DO NOT FORGET ABOUT THIS AMIDST ALL THE EID PREPARATIONS! Make loads of dua for the entire ummah, your friends and family and do not forget the special person ‘YOU’. And please remember me in your prayers !!!

Ok the last post we talked about planning out our yearly goals and making loads of duas to achieve them, this post let us just share our thoughts!

Ramadan is a special month, it is meant to make changes for good in our life! It is to transform you into a better individual. It is not like any other month that just comes and passes by and leaves nothing changed within us. It is in this month that we all become super religious and that’s the actual purpose of Ramadan, to turn our spiritual side ON. I’m quite surprised by myself that how spiritually energetic I become in Ramadan and I guess you also have the same thoughts, how automatically we do more in this month than in any other. That is the purpose of Ramadan to change ourself for the better. 30 days of intense spiritual practice should have some fruitful results. Don’t you think so? We have to make efforts even after this beautiful month to continue with the spiritual ON mode. And today I want a tiny little favor from you all.. will you do it for me!?? Pleeaaassseee !!!!!

Oh thanks a lot!💟💟💟💟💟

So what I want you to do is, to comment below that one good habit you practiced in Ramadan and want to continue with it even after Ramadan. That one thing which you want to have in your lifestyle forever. It might be like giving charity or offering nafil and Sunnah in salat or any particular Sunnah you started following this Ramadan or anything which you don’t wanna leave! I’m gonna write mine too in the comments below!

Let us all share our thoughts and let this Ramadan make a good change in our lives!! Salam 🙂

Will be waiting for your comments!!!


2 thoughts on “Ramadan Gems (day 28: Last Ten Nights)

Add yours

  1. Salam people! That one habit which I wanna have always is DOING THINGS ON TIME. this Ramadan I was really good at managing time and following all the time tables I prepared and was doing things on time!! I wanna be like this forever.
    So what’s your “that one thing”??
    Comment please


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