Ramadan Gems (day 27: Last Ten Nights)

What Are You Gonna Change!?!

It’s 27th Ramadan today!! Time’s going so fast and just a couple of days left for the most precious month of the year to end. So what I wished to share is.. let this Ramadan change your life!!

These last ten nights are passing by and all of us are busy making duas to Allah(SWT) and crying for forgiveness. And if you are the one who missed the previous days, then grab the chance at least now. It’s not eid tomorrow, there is still time! Even if it was, you would still have time! A single tear out of sincere faith is enough and Allah is A’fuw, He will forgive you! If you know someone who’s at the verge of loosing this chance grab them and join them in your company to make efforts to please Allah! Make dua for them and encourage them to pray! So what I was telling is!! Amidst all your duas… Plan your year ahead.

Don’t you think that this is the best time to plan your year ahead. !? Plan for your academics, your career, your relationship with Allah and His book, and everything! Make a strong intention to change yourself for the good! Stress on your relationship with Allah, decide where you wanna see yourself in an year!

Be it changing your bad habits or practicing good habits, memorizing a part of the Quran or improving your recitation skills, reading tafseer or learning Arabic, what ever it is plan it out.. write it down.. write the necessary steps you have to take in order to achieve your goals.. be realistic and plan sensibly. With all your duas and Allah’s will, it will become easy for you to get your goals done!

images (6)

So that’s it people. Remember me in your duas!

Salam 🙂


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