Ramadan Gems (day 24: Last Ten Nights)


Reference from Ibn Kathir (tafsir)~

Surah Al-Qadr, verse no-1

Undoubtedly, We sent it down in the blessed and valuable night.(97:1)

Ibn Abbas and others have said,
“Allah sent the Qur’an down all at one time from the
Preserved Tablet (Al-Lawh Al-Mahfuz) to the
House of Might (Baytul-`Izzah), which is in the
heaven of this world. Then it came down in parts to
the Messenger of Allah based upon the incidents that
occurred over a period of twenty-three years.”

SubhanAllah, when Allah says that He sent the Quran down on this powerful night, the interpretation is that the entire Quran was completely sent down from the seventh heaven to the lowest heaven and then in the second step it was revealed to The messenger of Allah(SAW) for a period of over 23 years, subhanAllah!!

It is the night of the revelation of Quran so recite it as much as possible!

Salam 🙂


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