Ramadan Gems (day 19: Your Parents)

Your Parents:-

The most precious assets in your life … Your parents. You were a baby, unable to talk and express what you felt. Your parents understood even your silence and your cries. They stayed awake throughout the night to take care of you when you were sick. You ran away from eating and they ran behind you to feed you. You cried on the first day of your school, they cried more than you and may be waited outside the school gate till you came back. You cried for a toy and they bought it for you even though they didn’t have enough money. Sometimes, they would say no to what you’ve asked cuz they had some issue and you might be angry for that reason, but Allah didn’t give us the power to see what’s in someone’s heart, and so you don’t know how hurt they were  when they said no to you.

Allah says many times in the Quran to treat your parents well and there are so many ahadith to specify the importance of parents and I feel that there’s no need to mention them here because most of them are known to us, all we need is to practice them. This Ramadan taking super care of your parents is a must task to do. Make it your one of the top priorities. The last ashrah is around the corner, very little time left. Take care of your parents and earn huge rewards. Do it for that smile on their faces.

Ramadan is a month to get the believers into practicing good stuff. Allah gave us this month as a personality transforming month. Change yourself for the better and live peacefully. Love your parents. Who knows how life would turn out later, so do it now.

Salam 🙂


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