Ramadan Gems (day 18: Have Hope)

Don’t Lose HOPE:-



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Family work health.. and you .. slammed between all the three. Thousands of thoughts and cluttered brain, can’t think any longer, your head aches, sleepless nights, and loneliness bites. It’s like you wanna bang your head somewhere. Everytime you wanna smile and there’s something else already waiting for you! And then again you break into pieces.


Take a deep breath(don’t just read, do it, come on take a deep breath). I know it’s frustrating, I know it’s depressing and I even understand you cannot take it any longer. But please give yourself another moment to think.

Don’t say that it’s easy for you to tell, you cannot understand what I’m going through. Obviously I cannot experience what you’re going through, but it doesn’t mean that I cannot sympathize to you. Don’t be so disheartened. Please. Don’t lose hope. Trust Allah. Whether it be years of suffering or that of a few days, please trust Allah. I know somewhere deep inside your heart you trust Him, but the stress and tension is so overwhelming that you feel nothing will be fine. Nothing in this world is permanent. Please whosoever is reading this, I don’t know what suffering you might be going through, may Allah make it easy for you and bless you with loads of happiness and peace in your life. Please trust Allah and never lose hope. It might be possible that you’ve been going through something bad since years, even then don’t lose hope.

This is the month of Ramadan, the month of Quran, renew your relationship with Allah and His book. Whatever problem you have, think about it again, look at it from a different perspective, if it’s possible for you to do something to solve it, go ahead and do it, don’t leave any stone unturned, tie your camel and trust Allah, but if there’s nothing you could do to change your situation then stop thinking about it, leave it to Allah. Cry to Allah, ask from Him and trust Him. Ask for His mercy, we are nothing but slaves of Allah and Allah will surely help those who come to Him seeking help. He is our Rabb 🙂

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Please don’t lose HOPE! TRUST YOUR CREATOR!

Salam 🙂


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