What Is Islam?

Islam is a monotheist religion. It literally means submission. Meaning a Muslim submits to the will of one God(Allah). We believe that there exists no other God but Allah and Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) is the final messenger of Allah. There are five basic principles or pillars of Islam, namely shahadah(testimony: accepting that their is no God but Allah), Salah(prayer), fasting(as in Ramadan), zakat(paying obligatory charity) and Hajj(offering pilgrimage by visiting Makkah,Saudi Arabia). 

A Muslim strictly needs to abide by the above mentioned pillars. Now coming to the lifestyle of a muslim, we follow our holy scripture Quran and the sayings(HADITH) and doings(SUNNAH) of the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) as we believe that he was a living Quran. A Muslim needs to lead a simple life by following the above mentioned sources. As I mentioned that Islam means to submit to the will of Allah-one God, we as Muslims obey only that which Allah commands us to do and abstain from that which He forbids. And this implies that a Muslim should whole heartedly trust his creator and have faith in him, we are his slaves and above all the Almighty who created everything can never let us go wrong. Trust you know!!!!!

So the basic foundation is trusting Allah and living our lives. The other thing is we believe in heaven, hell and afterlife. We believe in the day of resurrection when every creature will be brought back to life after death and will be questioned about their deeds done in this world. So this also serves as a motivation for the muslims to keep having faith in Allah. Death is for sure, all of us will die some day or the other and when the one who created us can give us death then He no doubt has the power to raise us to life again. So it is that Allah gave us this life in the world to perform good deeds, worship him, maintain the best character, be truthful, loyal so that we can have a better hereafter. 

A little about the Quran…. Quran is not just a book that contains historical facts or descriptions of hell and heaven, it does contains all of this but it’s main purpose is to provide mankind a peaceful life. Quran is not written by any human. It is the word of God. It was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) by the angel Gabriel(as) and by no means it is altered by humans. It is the true word of God. No human alteration nothing. God spoke the verses in the Quran and Gabriel brought it down to the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) and he recited those verses to his people. In the early stages, people memorized the quran and was not compiled as a book but later on it was compiled into written scripture. It is truly a peaceful guidance to the mankind only thing required is to reach it with humility. No pride no hatred, if you wanna learn Quran and know about it reach it with humility with a sense that it is only God who is knowledgeable about every affair we are mere creations and it is only through Him that we can have knowledge and sustenance. That’s it you’ll find wonders in it. Just the right approach is needed. 

Summarising, everything Muslims believe in one and only God Allah and His command is the best for us. Quran is the word of Allah and not scripted by a human and is a complete guide to lead a happy and peaceful life in this world and also in the here after.

That’s it people, woah looks like I wrote a lot anyways check out my posts in different sections to know more about Islam and follow my blog to get updates. Trust me people there’s a lot more  to know about Islam these are just the most basic stuff I mentioned, it is not just a set of rules to follow nope not at all, it is a way to mould your life and melt your hearts to stay peaceful, content and happy. Stay happy stay blessed.

Salam(peace) 🙂


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