Ramadan Gems(day 15: Aim it)

Aim It :-

Life is no good if you do not have an aim. I’m telling this to you by experience. When you don’t have something to look for or work for then you will have boredom in your life. Aims help a person to stay active, alert and happy. When you have something to do you are busy and keeping yourself busy with good work is so so positive for life.

Be it about anything, let it be short term goal or long term working for it will keep you busy and keep you away from all bad stuff that is sinning. Fitna around you is at the highest level, and the best way to keep yourself away from all these sins is to indulge into some useful activities. And how can you get yourself into doing such good stuff.. ? That’s by having an aim and working for it. I wanna talk about this a little bit more in tomorrow’s gem inshAllah(if Allah wills).

Until next time Salam πŸ™‚


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