Ramadan Gems (day 11: Accept Apology)

Accept Apology:

Last gem was a discussion about apology, now if you are the one who is hurt then … what if the one who hurt you came and apologized to you??

Accept his/her apology. Whether their apology is sincere or not accept it and forgive them. Consider yourself, when you do a sin and are guilty for what you have done then wouldn’t you seek forgiveness from Allah? You will right and you also wish Allah to forgive you. The same way forgive the people who hurt you and come apologizing to you!!

If they are sincerely apologizing to you, then don’t hesitate in forgiving them but if you know the evil or bad in their apology even then forgive them. Allah will take care of them. I know you are super duper hurt and raging in anger, but if they apologize, then say I forgive you that’s it. It isss difficult and I know that you might be thinking that it is easy to say for those who haven’t experienced the situation, put on the victim’s  shoes and experience. And my answer is I know how difficult it is! Good things are always difficult to do, but the rewards are immense!! Remind yourself of jannah man!! You can do it forgive them.



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