Ramadan Gems (day 10: Apologize)

Apologize :-

Say sorry to those you’ve hurt someday. Apologizing to someone will not lower your position instead you will rise high in the sight of Allah. We have had our bad times, when we knowingly or unknowingly hurt someone and Ramadan is the best time for cleaning all that dirt by just saying the simple 5 letter word ‘sorry’, though  it is small but one needs guts to speak it out. I tried it once, not in this Ramadan but before it and believe me it was sooo difficult, to accept your mistake and apologize. But once I was done saying, the relief I felt was as though a 100kg load was removed from the top of my heart. Trust me you’ll feel lighter 🙂

Take the big step, I know you can do it. Dump that guilt out of your heart, end that regret and just say ‘I am sorry’. Allah knows your intention, so don’t think that what will others think of you. Just do it !!! Accepting one’s own mistake is not everyone’s cup of tea, if you are generous enough to accept your mistake then applause 👏👏 . Make this Ramadan a pleasant month for you and your rooh!!

Stay happy!!!!


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