Ramadan Gems (day 9: Limit That Temper-2)

It is Possible to Manage Anger :-

Anger in any way when exceeds its limits can be super harmful and as I said yesterday, when you have the power to load yourself in anger and burst out then you no doubt have the power to control it and lighten the load!!

On the authority of Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him):

“A man said to the Prophet, ‘Give me advice.’ The Prophet, peace be upon him, said, ‘Do not get angry.’ The man asked repeatedly and the Prophet answered each time, ‘Do not get angry.’”

Related by Bukhari & Muslim

Also Allah says in the Quran :

“Those who spend (in Allah’s cause) in prosperity and in adversity, who repress their anger, and who pardon men, verily, Allah loves the al-Muhsinun (the good-doers).” (3:134)

Now who doesn’t want to be loved by Allah. I know it is not easy to get that temper under your control, but if you are determined then Allah will help you!! And none can help you better than Allah!! So here are a few tipsy topsy tips to cool you down not from me but from the messenger of Allah(SAW) :

#1. Recite  “Aoozubillahi minash-shaitaanirrajeem” meaning “I seek refuge in Allah from the Shaitaan accursed” . Dont just give a lip service but feel the meaning and sincerely seek refuge from shaitaan.

#2. Keep silent. When angry do step 1 and then keep quiet, till you feel cool!

#3. Another way, mentioned in a Hadith is to change your position. Messenger of Allah said: When one of you is angry and he is standing then he should sit down. If anger leaves him then well and good, else he should lie down. 

#4. Drink water, Messenger of Allah(SAW) said that anger is from shaitaan and shaitaan is made of fire and fire is extinguished by water, so one should drink water or make wudhu when angry!!

These are simple and easy suggestions and Sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW), follow these steps with determination to overcome anger and that’s it you will have full control over it very soon in Sha Allah.


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