Ramadan Gems (day 8- Limit That temper)

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Control That Temper :-

Relationships break, hearts break and all because of that temper we have. The anger, that overpowers our mind, can burn anything around you, in fact it can burn you!!. Our eyes go blind, and hearts seal and the only thing we keep open is our mouth in anger!! And the bone less muscle in your mouth without any control hurts the people around you.

This Ramadan, control your temper!! Do not let it over take you and cause problem all around. We are humans, we do get angry but the anger should not exceed its limits. Explain it instead of expressing. When you have the power to burst out in anger then you definitely have the power to control it, though it is more difficult than expressing, but not impossible to achieve. And do not expect to change overnight. Evil can be practiced easily but getting good habits into practice can take a long time. Be steadfast and make Dua to Allah everyday to help you in battling the anger you have. Anger just spoils the situation and makes it even more worse. So do not let your anger control you instead you control it.


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