Ramadan Gems(day 5 : Hold Steadfast)

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Hold Steadfast :-

Fed up with the filth around you..??  Muslims being termed as terrorists, Islam being made fun of, all the bombings around the world.. depressed and stressed of all these facts..? Do you often question Allah about why there are so many filthy situations around you..?? Put aside the big issues like terrorism and all,.. are you stressed with the fact that how can people neglect Islam in spite of being Muslims..? Are you busted with sins like zina, cheating, courtesy less people..? Or are you irritated of staying in an environment which is not Islamic and want a change ..? Want to go to a place where there are more Muslims and live happily..following Islam..??..

Then hold on for a sec.. you are blessed dear. If you work or study in an environment which is less Islamic or not at all Islamic.. then trust me you are blessed. what.. do I sound insane..? No, no no don’t read it again .. you read it right. You are blessed if you are in such situation. You know why, because Allah has given you a chance to prove yourself, to speak for the sake of Allah and Islam. If you are in such situations and it is becoming problematic for you to follow your religion then don’t change and mould yourself in their atmosphere.. instead stay proud for being a Muslim and get onto da’wah. Yes, get onto giving da’wah, when people question you about your religion answer them and clear their queries, don’t just run away from answering that which is right or showcasing that which is right!! Don’t feel bad for your situation, instead make it a means to earn reward from Allah(SWT). Remember even the Prophets(PBUT) were tested in such situations, they lived and stayed in atmospheres where majority were against them. The Prophets and their companions formed the minority, but their faith in Allah made them rule over the majority. I know that giving da’wah to someone is not an easy task, and for me it is the most difficult task, cuz I run out of words when I intend to speak to a non-Muslim friend about Islam, but this should not be a reason for me and for you to step back from giving da’wah. If we are in an intention to give da’wah to someone, then it is better to be prepared beforehand and then talk to the person about it. Be polite in your approach, don’t try to force your arguments on them, tell them what the truth is and let them discover it themselves. Do your part and giving guidance to someone is Allah’s part, do not worry about the result. Stay steadfast!

Salam 🙂


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