Ramadan Gems (day 3)

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Your Approach To the Book of Allah :-

Humble your self when you open a mushaf, because you are not reading any other book but the book of Allah, your Creator, your Master and you are His slave. When you start studying Quran, begin with a mindset that it is only Allah who knows everything and then it will become easier to understand His words. But if you open it with arrogance, with sarcasm then forget about finding the answers you will land up in even more questions.

Don’t just simply recite the Quran and read its translation when you find something confusing about it research for it, find out from different scholars, search for materials online and pray to Allah to guide you in finding an answer to your query. Reciting Quran is a must and you should do it everyday, but the purpose is lost when you only keep it for reciting, it is your duty to understand it. Know what is the message contained in it. Know what your Master is telling you!!

It is not a book that was meant to guide the people during the time of the Prophet (SAW) but it is for the entire mankind, for you and for me.. Read it with humility and in a thirst of knowing what it contains, and then what you will get from it will be enormous, it is an endless ocean.

Salam 🙂


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