Ramadan Gems (day 2)


Surah An-Naba (no.78)

Verses : 17 – 23

images (18)
NOTE : Read the translations above and only then proceed further in reading.
Remind yourself of the The Day of Judgement, Allah says that The Day of Judgement is an appointed time, a time that cannot be escaped, how much ever we may avoid thinking about it now but it is for sure to come and when it comes, the horn will be blown and everyone will be raised from death, our decayed bodies will be brought to life again by the one who created us. The vast skies (we talked about it in the verses we discussed yesterday that how evenly they were spread, plain and leveled) will now turn into huge gateways, the huge infinite walls (skies) will now be turned into vast gates from which all the angels will descend on to the land. The gigantic mountain stakes will be made to move and those heavy masses will slide on the land as if they were light articles, they will be made to roll smoothly over the land and it will seem to us as if it is a mirage. 
The Judgement Day will have two outcomes for us, either we go to hell or heaven. Then Allah(SWT), describes about the dreadful jahannam. He says that the hell has been waiting for its fuel, and it is a wait for the transgressors, those who do not obey the limits or boundaries, the liars and the over lookers. Allah describes
hell as “Ma’aab”, a place which pulls you in when you try coming out of it. The transgressors in the dunya are those who gush out of the limits set by Allah and do not care about the outcome, it is as though they are in a habit of crossing the boundaries and committing sin, the same way when these transgressors try coming out of the boundaries of jahannam, but it pulls them in again and again. And that it is the place where they will reside in forever and ever and ever.
May Allah(Azzawajjal) protect us from being among the transgressors. Ameen.
Remind yourself about the resurrection, where we stand helpless and none can save us but Allah. Do not forget the day that is destined to come no matter how much we try to avoid thinking about it now.
Salam 🙂

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