Ramadan Gems (day 1)

Assalamualaikum pretty people!! Hope you all are doing well! Ramadan has begun and this Ramadan I made an intention that I’ll be posting two posts everyday. One as Ramadan gems and the other as Sunnah corner. In the category Ramadan gems I’ll be posting a few of the many remarkable gems from Quran , as I’m listening to different tafaseer everyday. The tafseer lectures I’m listening currently are from Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan and Dr.Israr Ahmed. I will not post the entire tafseer but just a speckle of it everyday insha Allah.

Gems from Surah An-Naba (no. 78)

Verses : 6 – 13

 Makki Surah

Have We not made the earth a resting place? 78:6

And the mountains as stakes? 78:7

And We created you in pairs 78:8

And made your sleep [a means for] rest 78:9

And made the night as clothing 78:10

And made the day for livelihood 78:11

And constructed above you seven strong [heavens] 78:12

And made [therein] a burning lamp 78: 13

The above is a translation of the verses of Surah An-Naba. Let me give you a glimpse of what is its background. This Surah begins with a rhetorical question by Allah(SWT) to the Mukazziboon of Makkah. Al- Mukazziboon are those set of people who know that every word of the Quran is true and also that Muhammad(SAW) is the messenger of Allah but they deny this fact and stay steadfast in disbelieving. Also the main basis of this surah is the belief in the Day of Judgement. The most horrifying and unbelievable fact for the disbelievers, the Quran mentions is the occurrence of The Judgement Day. It was extremely difficult for them to agree with the fact that the dead be will raised alive on the day of judgement. So in these verses that is from 6-13 Allah(SWT) describes His mercy, His Grandeur and His Might and the fact that He is the most Powerful.

NOTE :- Reading procedure– Read each verse and then read what I’ve written below.

78:6  We human beings feel proud of our luxurious beds, we lie on our beds in comfort and boast about all our luxuries, but think about the bed that Allah has created, therein lie all creatures big or small, and there is abundant place for everybody to rest and live peacefully.

78:7 Do you remember drawing mountains like huge triangles back in the day when we were little kids. All of us did that… right? These resemble tents. Conical shaped, do you think that the tents we make while camping or any other time have the power to withstand super strong winds?? Do they? Obviously no! The tents will fly away with the strong gush of winds, but look at the tents Allah made, the mountains.. what happens when a storm hits. The mountain stands firm in its place, undisturbed. That’s the might of Allah’s creation.

78:8 If you think that you have the power to survive all alone, without depending on others, then you are a fool. Allah created us in pairs, meaning we need a society, a bunch of people around us, to stay happy, calm and peaceful. We are social beings and Allah created us in that manner and this fact cannot be denied. Try living alone without anyone around you, not even with the basic necessities… That sounds insane right?

78:9 & 78:10 Sleep is the best gift for us. Allah(Azzawajjal), blessed us with sleep to cut off all our stress, anxieties and to have some sound rest!! Ask those who do not have proper sleep at night!! How dreadful their situation is, sleeping less effects our health enormously. Such pleasant is the bounty of Allah. And when do we sleep???.. at night. Allah laid the darkness of the night as a clothing, a covering or a garment upon us. No matter how many street lights you find on the road, these lights can only light up a little portion of the road but cannot cut out the immense blanket of darkness created by Allah. That’s Allah’s Might 🙂

78:11 The day is filled with bright light. When Allah removes the clothing of dark night the day begins with sunshine and light. Allah provided us with day time to work hard and earn our livelihood. Do businesses run at night, do you find stock markets working at night, do you find markets open at night?? No !! The day is meant to work and night is for rest!! I know the question you have in your mind.. what about night shifts? But do these night shifts cover up the entire market??? No.. right! The major part of businesses and markets work only in the day time right!! None has the power to change this!

78:12 & 78:13 Those gleaming chandeliers, beautiful carvings on the roof, the marvelous construction!! We are awestruck by seeing historical monuments and palaces or some luxurious houses with beautiful construction. But look at Allah’s construction, He created seven heavens.. note it people… ‘seven’ not ‘one’. And amidst those huge canopies He lit a chandelier that never loses its shine… The Sun. It gives its warmth and shine everyday but never goes dull!! Purchase the costliest chandelier you can, some day or the other it goes off!!!

That Is Allah’s might, He is the most Powerful, Drop your pride and fall in sajda, Be humble my dear friends, be humble. The mightiest king is having a watch on you!!

Salam 🙂



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