As-salamu-alaikum pretty people!! Hope you all are doing well. Ramadan is termed as the month of Quran. So don’t you think that by the end of this month we should have a more better and stronger relationship with it.??!! But how are we gonna do that?? Do not worry, you are at the right place. In today’s post I wish to give you an answer to your how. 

While I was searching for some info I came across this poster and I was caught by the catchy line this Ramadan boost up your emaan by reading quran, so quickly decided to share this with you all. So make this Ramadan much better than your previous ones. It is Allah’s mercy that we have got another chance to earn reward through this auspicious month so do not lose this golden opportunity!!! Without anymore talk let us jump to the main stuff. I will say take it to the next level.

#1. Learn Tajweed 

You recite Quran everyday but miss out all those rules and correct pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet then this ramadan make it your goal to learn tajweed. improve your recitation and earn more rewards. Take it to the next level. And if you’ve learnt tajweed back in the day, but forgot most of it then brush your basics this Ramadan and improve your connection with the Quran.

#2. Read the Translations

If you are good at tajweed then take it to the next level. Read the Quran with translations, Google out simple translations or ask any scholars and people of knowledge about simple Quran translations and begin reading them. You will love it and above all you will improve your connection with the Quran.

#3. Memorize 

If you already read Quran with translations then take it to the next level and start memorizing surahs from the Quran. Begin by memorizing the last 20 surahs , if you are well with those then jump onto bigger ones like Surah Yaseen, Surah Mulk or Surah Waqiah or any other one of your choice. Set up a time for your memorization and start memorizing little by little everyday.

#4. Tafseer

Take it to the next level and this Ramadan improve your connection with the Quran by knowing it’s tafseer. There are bunch of tafaseer lectures available on YouTube and start listening. Or if you wanna read it then buy some tafseer books and Google it or ask scholarly people to suggest you some simple and good tafseer.

#5. Learn Arabic 

Take the big step and jump to the next level. Get it into some course to learn the language of Allah. My suggestion would be join Arabic with Husna course on bayyinah.tv , you will not regret joining it.

So that’s it people. Hope you liked it and if you did then like, share, comment and follow my blog to get updates of my new posts. May Allah(SWT) make this Ramadan a life changing experience for everyone and may HE shower his blessings on each one of us. Ameen

Salam 🙂


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