Get Ready For Ramadan

As-salamu-alaikum pretty people hope you all are doing well. I’m pretty much sure that everyone is extremely excited and is eagerly waiting for the month of Ramadan. Only 5 days are left for the most precious month of the year to begin. So I thought that this post of mine should be all about gearing up for the one month fasting marathon.. Ramadan 🙂
In schools or colleges, exams are the most important times for any student. For some it is the time for proving their ability and winning while for some it is the most dreadful duration of their life, why.?because they have not prepared themselves for facing exams well in advance. What if you are prepared for your exams before hand and you are ready to face them.? Then you will be ten times more confident and will be able to put your best on the day of your exam and consequently without a doubt you will get a good result. The same goes with this precious month of the year. No doubt each one of us wants to have a Ramadan better than the previous one. And this can only happen if you set your aims and goals and be prepared before Ramadan starts.

So today I wish to give you tiny tips and tricks to prepare yourself for the most auspicious month of the year…Ramadan.

#1.Stay Motivated and Set your Mindset :

Motivation is extremely necessary to achieve anything and everything. Once you are motivated and determined to achieve your goals then every difficulty seems to be a lot more easier. Prepare your mind to perform better than your previous Ramadan and be determined in achieving it.

#2. Write it Down:

Note down all your activities you want yourself to perform this Ramadan in your diary or in your phone’s notepad. Writing down your ideas will help you to be organized and achieve your goals systematically. Now what to write depends on you. You can make different columns for different things, like you can divide your page into three columns and set one for your ibadah, the other for seeking Islamic knowledge and the last one for being social like giving charity. And you can also make a list of what you want to ask from Allah this month so that you do not miss out any of your duas.

#3. Fight Distractions:

Distractions are our worst enemies as they prevent us from giving our best and achieving our goals. For me the biggest distraction is my mobile phone. I’m guilty of watching too much of YouTube videos and wasting a lot of my precious time. But this time I decided that I’m not gonna let this happen in this beautiful month of Ramadan and spoil everything. So yesterday I made a list for myself to fight against my mobile phone and I’ll share it with you

This is a screen shot of what I planned. It might be kinda silly but this is what effects me. I set some time duration for using my phone and then informed my mumma to stop me whenever I touch my phone out of the time allotted to it. And seriously guys it did work for me. Today I have not used my phone excessively because of which I was able to complete other important tasks.

#4. Install useful apps and delete those unnecessary ones:-

Apps play a great role in my life. I’m a messy person, I mess up things very quickly. So sticky notes and to-do lists are my best friends. Another app which I came across during my exam time is “productivity timer app”. It was my darling 😉 this app is a timer where I can plan certain work sessions and once I start a work session I cannot pause it until its done. This helped me a lot. And it also has a ranking system which will give you ranks based on the number of work sessions you have performed.

Another is “My creative diary” this is what I’ve recently found and addicted to it. It is a kind of diary cum checklist cum notepad cum fun. Yes it is simple and fun to use. I won’t describe what it actually contains, find out yourself by downloading it.

Then delete those game apps. Stay peaceful and away from those addicting games for a month. Go ahead you can delete them. Take that big step and delete them. All this will help you stay away from distractions.

One more thing , this is what me and my brother did during our exams. I set password on YouTube and other apps which he uses on his phone and he set for me. This way i could only open the app if he typed the password for me and vice versa this way we stayed away from those distractions!!!

So that’s it people!! Hope it helped you and if it did then please share it with others, like, comment and follow.

Struggle hard and start preparing for this precious month. Happy preparations 🙂


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