My Journey 

As-salamu-alaikum pretty people!! Hope you all are doing well 🙂 In my last post I mentioned that I’ll tell you about my journey of learning Arabic… Firstly I apologize for the delay in posting the blog. I was kinda busy… Apologies!!!!

Hope you will find it useful. May Allah (Azzawajjal) make this effort of mine, a means of motivation for you all to learn the language of Allah.. Ameen

So it all began on a very fine day.. I was in search of a source that would quench my thirst of knowing the language of Allah.. I searched many websites..and brushed through different courses but couldn’t find anything so appealing and effective,then finally Allah(SWT) showed me a way.. It was through the video I talked about in my previous post, that my journey started. I searched for the speaker’s name on Google( Sheikh Google 😉 where there’s nothing you cannot find) .. So there I came across the website whose owner was that speaker I was searching for… “Nouman Ali Khan” and the website is

This happened in November 2015.. I was so so so excited. I subscribed to the site and the first email I received was an introductory email which gave me five ways in which I could get benefitted from bayyinah TV .. Bayyinah was all I wanted, I was so motivated by the introductory was like I had wings and I was flying (I wish I could 😉 ) the excitement, those positive vibes and the happiness I experienced made the journey even more remarkable for me!! I read the email thoroughly, word by word ..So that I would not miss any instruction .. then I logged into my account on bayyinah and quickly glanced through all the menu options following the instructions given in the mail. I chose to begin my journey with bayyinah, by starting with the Arabic learning course and it was on the side widget of the site, I clicked on it in haste and a page named “Arabic With Husna” opened.. It was like I saw a delicious treat in front of me and I had my mouth watering 😀

Arabic With Husna is a video series in which Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan taught Arabic to his eldest daughter Husna(possibly she may be a 10 or 11 year old girl), recorded those sessions and uploaded them on the site. The course consists of 15 units and each unit has quite a good number of videos of lengths varying from 8 to 30 minutes. Arabic has three main categories: Nahu(grammar), Sarf(word morphology) and vocabulary.. These 15 units comprise the entire nahu, sarf and a good amount of vocabulary and in addition to this Ustadh discusses Surah Al-Kahf and after regular intervals he explains how to translate it … Meaning we put everything we learned in practice by discussing Surah Al-Kahf. It was, indeed an amazing experience. With all the zeal I had, I continuously put effort for full three months and reached unit 7..I was about to begin unit 7 but I had my exams and unfortunately I was unable to give it some time which I should have given but I got diverted very easily and even after my exams though I had holidays I did not continue with it .. For a huge span of time ..I completely forgot about Arabic and also lost my subscription as it got expired.

I became lazy, lost interest and was 0% motivated. My family was shocked at the way I changed they asked me everyday about my Arabic learning. They warned me all the time as I was going extremely lazy and losing interest not just in arabic but in everything I was doing.. My studies,my deen, my imaan everything went lower and lower day by day.I just kept denying this fact and started loving laziness.. I lost self confidence, forgot all my aims and desires.. Everything seemed so boring to me!! This was a ringing notification for me that I was inclining towards the worst part step by step and the even worse part was that I was not accepting this fact!! To realize this fact it took me very long and when I realized my situation I broke into several pieces.. I just wished for a miracle that’d change my life.
Even though my subscription to Bayyinah TV expired I got mails if there were any webinars. I received one such notification of a webinar : ” 4 – guided steps in the Quran for self transformation ” I attended the webinar online and Alhumdulillah I felt motivated again. I realized how foolish I was.. Allah was giving chance after chance to improve but I was neglecting all of them and behaving like a fool. It was then I subscribed to bayyinah TV again and started this blog .. That’s it guyzz this was my journey of learning Arabic and in sha Allah I will try my best to stay motivated and improve my self….

Salami!! 🙂


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