The Miracle :-

In a life filled with hustle and bustle,… stress, depression and such terms have gone as common as cheese and butter..  the psychiatrists’ are booming with large number of patients.. People are buying books over books and searching for materials online to lead happy and peaceful lives. Over 300million people all over the world suffer from depression and… ‘women are more likely to be diagnosed with depression than men’ check the links below to know more statistics :

It is now, sooo common for all of us to google stress management tips, secrets of happy and healthy life..  methods to maintain a healthy relationship.. tips to keep parents happy.. and tips for good upbringing of a child.. and many such stuffs .. but how foolish we are to forget about the all-in-one source that we have in our houses since ages!! Guesses..?? Let me give you a hint… “You have it in your house.. you open it everyday, read it everyday aaand the book has 114 chaptersss…… Yaaahhhh guessed it right 😉




It’s The Holy Quran.. I’m very much sure that you have heard  many times about the fact that , Quran is full of wisdom, it is the secret of leading a happy life and many such good points about it but have you ever analyzed those points yourself?.. The verses we recite everyday, they have some meaning,. don’t they? Obviously they do have some meaning.. but have we ever made an attempt to understand what it actually is?!

Except for listening to lectures and attending Islamic gatherings did you ever read Quran with an aim to understand it ..with an aim to be amazed by IT’S MIRACLE? If yes then SubhanAllah that’s wonderful but if no then make an attempt now….!!!

The book we’ve in our shelves and which we recite everyday.. it’s not just any book written by some human.. It is the word of your Master Allah(Azzawajjal)… Seriously guyzz it’s not a book published by a human writer nooo not at all IT IS THE WORD OF YOUR CREATOR IN PRINT… Your Lord is speaking to you in those 6666 (or 6236.. not sure) verses.. He(SWT) is directly giving you ideal ways to live a happy life in both worlds!! Don’t you think that we should know absolutely everything that is written the Quran..?? We should.. it is our duty, our responsibility to know the word of Allah(SWT)..

I will say that understanding Quran is a two step procedure:

#1. Read the translations

#2. Learn Arabic itself ..what say!!

So.. let’s get to know each one of these..

⇒ Reading translation is the beginning step of the ladder.. You have many many translations of the Quran in different languages.. My suggestion if you wanna look for translations online is : ..  you even get word by word translations there.. But anyways inquire from different scholars and find out the best and “simple” translation to begin with.. and that’s it begin your journey 🙂 “Bismillah” … My experience of reading translations was life changing.. I did find remarkable solutions to my problems just by simple reading of translations and I was pretty satisfied by this achievement of mine but then while I was just randomly searching youtube I came across a video which said : ” Importance of learning arabic language”.. and after watching it .. I was like …. hold on!!! translations didn’t tell me the miracles in the words of the Quran… Scroll down!!

⇒After watching the video I was amazed that Quran is not just plain text, but it consists of rhyming words… it has palindromes!!! yes there are palindromes in the Quran .. Moreover the Arabic language is so so rich in its vocabulary that there are hundreds of synonyms for a word and each word has its own significant meaning and Allah(Azzawajjal) is the best of writers… This is what the translations couldn’t give us.. they just give the meaning(message) of the plain text but what about the miracles hidden in the words, the perfect usage of the words to hit the strings of the reader’s hearts, and the emotions hidden in those words!! The appreciation, rage, anger, love and many more emotions are lying deep in the usage of words in the Quran…

The point I wanna make is.. reading translations is not just enough.. not at all!!! Translations will give you the message.. but what about the have to learn the Arabic language and understand the Quran word by word.. and only then you will realize its true miracle.. Allah(Azzawajjal) gave visible miracles to the people before us…. they saw miracles with their eyes, they saw the river parting for Musa(AS).. but what we are blessed with, is a miracle in the form of a book!!! I too didn’t know about the beauty and elegance of the Quran to this extent.. I only came to know about this through that one single video and it did change my life once again!!!..

I heard this example in that video.. It is that .. if you translate a poetry in Urdu or any other language to English will you be able to put it in the same words as it was written in it’s original language? Can you??? No!!! you can just write its translation but not produce it as it was in the original language… The poem loses its beauty of rhyme and rhythm once you translate it.

You will still be able to get the message the poem contains but you will lose the poetic words when translated… the same goes with Quran.. Allah(Azzawajjal) revealed the Quran in Arabic and this language has got its own beauty and elegance but once you translate it’ll lose its rhyme and rhythm.. to see the miracle in its words we have to understand its language i.e Arabic

Hope you’ve got the message I wished to deliver in this post!! So it’s never too late.. begin your study of the Quran and explore a new world in it!! In my next post I’ll tell you my journey of learning Arabic and yess I forgot here’s the link to the video I was talking about: Do check it out and let me know your thoughts .. comment, follow, like and share if you find it useful . Salam 🙂


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