Hadith of The Day – 2 (Belief Week)


Volume 1, Book 2, Number 8 :
Narrated by Abu Huraira

The Prophet said, “Faith (Belief) consists of more than sixty branches (i.e. parts). And Haya (This term “Haya” covers a large number of concepts which are to be taken together; amongst them are self respect, modesty, bashfulness, and scruple, etc.) is a part of faith.”

The word “Haya” refers to a bunch of concepts such as self respect, modesty, bashfulness(shy or timid nature) and many more and is an essential part of our “Faith/Imaan/Belief”…However.. we all are evident to the truth that most of us prefer to be revealing or shameless(I know this word is a bit difficult to digest, but that’s the fact I believe) so as to get fit into the so called “Western/Modern culture”
But we should never forget.. that we are the slaves of The Pure One(Al-Quddus) and The Magnificent(Al-Azim) …

It is necessary for all of us to enjoy, have fun and spend gala time with our family and friends,but we should remember not to cross the thin line between shamelessness and enjoyment…

Cuzz it is those limits that help us to sustain our modesty and self respect.

This is my idea and understanding of the hadith above.. Hope you liked it.. Comment below and let me know your ideas, thoughts about it and if you find this piece useful then do share it with others..Also follow my blog to get notifications of new posts ..

Salam 🙂



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